I was asked to do a load of t-shirt designs and hats for my good friends & supporters at BCD located in Denver. This was so much fun to work on, these were all put together awhile back and slowly being introduced in the store at their distillery. These are the two designs that were enjoyed the most. The USS.BC was a fun design to make that used their actual certification number from when they officially became a distillery. They asked for ideas on designs utilizing their registry number. This was what came to me, Thanks D-Bo & BCD family


I was asked to help with a logo and branding a group that specializes in Pyramid business ventures. It's their own business doing essential oils and all natural products.   They wanted something to do with a tribe/family feel and oils along with a head "Chief/leader" representation and the tribe behind. This is what I felt was cool and this is what they went with. As we worked our way with their ideas and my designs, we confirmed on this logo and look. We have so much more layouts, but here is the the logo they actually went with.


This non-profit contacted me and asked for a fun "Colorado" themed tee for the yearly run. I was pumped to help come up with something that was going to be cool to wear after the run as well. My experiences with runs I have done, the t-shirt is usually cheap, the designs suck, never ended up wearing it and was dropped off at the donation bin in town on my way out from the run that day. So I had fun with these and also had them printed on a great fitting soft ring spun t-shirt that ended up being a good hit for everyone. Thanks Michelle for letting me help.


Helped out with a new small start up this last weekend.  Trowbridge was looking for something that could be recognized and clean and something that would look good in the golf demographic. I had a lot of fun with a few directions on this.  With birds being used in the game for having a good score, "Eagle" or "Birdie" I thought it was fitting to do a feather for the company. Representing quality and top notch performance for their new company, thanks Kirk Trowbridge.


LOVIN LIFE || Product

Fun seeing pictures that are sent to you, or you find on social media of your work in a cool setting. I have lots of stuff like this but never post it, I should do that more. This was for Lovin Life. I was able to brand the company for a close friend and see it unfold and really find its identity as its been growing as a brand. Hope to keep that going, thanks LL & Black family.


Did some playing around one night for Chroma Collective Tattoo Shop.  I must say that these guys are family to us, but also a close close friend of mine who owns the shop, and I would like to just give a shout to him how proud of him I am for how they are doing and the quality and standard he carries. I love when he says "hey Floyd buddy...make me some fun designs and turn them into some new stickers, and come get tattooed some night this week" I LOVE THAT!!! Thanks Colin, love ya dude!


I was able to help a good friend, got his logo and branding made for Stalworth Company. Reuben is a skilled and highly detailed carpenter that does custom work inside homes. Along with his trade he also teaches and trains young men the skill of detail carpentry, with life long mentorships that train and raise young men into skilled and hard working men. He longs to instill character and trade with his company, so happy to work on this project for and with him


Was asked to do some designing for the Jefferson Academy XC team in Westminster, CO.  Working with Ben has been fun and he has turned into a good friend of mine as well through work and design. He gave me an open canvas for design and direction. So I went with a few feels and really like the top with a more retro feel, something you would find at a thrift store of a track team in the 80's. The middle is a fun logo idea that's more clean and academy feeling and then to end with the badge & patch look. Half vintage feeling and a bit of updated modern thrown into it.   

HFCO || Saint Patrick's Day!

Well being Irish this day is always fun and I love the heritage I share with my family & friends all over. I wanted to make a simple boxing grade type feel for the design. I put on some Dropkick Murphy's and put in a little time for the Irish. I would love to make a few tees of this design, and also make some limited stickers for any orders or anyone who wants.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 5.36.55 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 5.38.08 PM.png
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